Casey Patterson's, 6-6, (BYU), backrow attack goes off top of the block of Andy Tomkinson, 6-9, MB, (UCSB) & Tanner Sutherland, 6-3, OH/L, (Pepperdine). Dan Connors, 6-6, (UCLA) set the pipe and then covers the hitter at the APVL tryouts.

Photos by Jamie Goto or courtesy of players


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Britton Galang, 6-4, S (UCSB) sets outside during American Pro Volleyball League Event.





















Be the star of a documentary film and newsletter: "The APVL, Anatomy of a Professional Volleyball League Startup".


Come tryout for a position in the American Pro Volleyball League, a new Men’s Pro Indoor Volleyball League, modeled after the Pro Volleyball Leagues of Europe and Asia.  We are recruiting for the best players and coaches in America. But we are also looking for other individuals that love volleyball and want to participate in some way to help develop the league.

We are looking for talented people that have the ability to contribute skill, knowledge, or other resources to the development of an American professional volleyball league.

If you tryout, you may become one of the stars of a documentary film and a monthly newsletter that will tell the story of the journey. The film is tentatively called: "The American Pro Volleyball League, The Anatomy of a Professional sports League Startup". .The newsletter is our own "Pro Volleyball Online".

The league, players, and coaches will obviously be in the spotlight, but there will be ample opportunities, for many others involved with the development of the league, to become a star. Much of the drama will center on the elite player, because our goal is to find and recruit the most highly skilled athlete.

However, the human drama of someone following his dream of becoming a professional athlete will be especially meaningful to anyone that has had a special dream. Sometimes our dreams are bigger then our abilities and that can create much drama and possible heart break to those that are on the fringe of making the team. 

The hook of the film is much like the drama of searching for the next “American Idol". Thus, our main story is in the struggle of hopeful players trying to make it into the league and league coaches trying to form a winning team, but there is a story within this story here.  Professional Indoor volleyball in the United States has always been the underdog. 

There have been at least 5 or 6 pro leagues that have come and gone over the years, some even before the completion of their first year’s schedule. Most experts feel that an American professional volleyball league is an impossibility.  No one has gotten close to making a go of it, much less sustained growth. 

So the American Pro Volleyball League is an underdog pro sports league startup, in an underdog sport, that is bucking the odds to try to become a viable entity in the vast American sports league market.

We are asking for your help to pull this off. Come and tryout. And let us know how you can help. Our film, website, and newsletter will document the effort and struggle of developing this league. Stay tuned for what comes next...