Jeremy Darner, 6-7, MB/OPP, (UCSB) & Brandon Directo, 5-11, OH/L, (University High) block one against Andy Thomkinson, 6-9, MB/OPP, UCSB. Brandon has a 39" Vertical Jump and plans to walk on at CSUN in the fall.


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Jobs and video production internships

The are a number of positions currently available with the APVL. At this time, most are without pay. In addition to players and coaches, we need the following personnel: officials, announcers, statistican, trainers, scouts, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, marketing consultants, video producers, cameramen, editors, video engineers and plenty more to help execute our plans. The most important requirement is that you love the game of volleyball and to want to help make the league a success. So that, finally, we can finally have an American professional volleyball league. You may also become a star of a documentary film. We also have a limited number of video production internships, where you will learn to crew a television production team.